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13-04-2016 08:14:01

Sharewire hosts the Extended Google IO 2016 Keynote in The Hague!

Sharewire is glad to announce that we will be hosting the Extended Google IO 2016 Keynote here at our office!


12-11-2015 09:55:49

Sharewire Awarded ISO 27001

We?re very pleased to announce that, after an extensive audit by Lloyd?s Register, we have been awarded the ISO 27001 certificate. Security and data integrity are very important to us, and this certificate objectively confirms the quality of our service.


12-03-2015 10:44:07

Fledux equipped with Salesboard

Fledux, supplier of LED lighting, has equipped its complete direct sales team with tablets and Salesboard 2.0. During client visits, the sales reps can now calculate savings and ROI and directly sign and send contracts…right from the tablet.


17-06-2014 04:21:21


02-07-2013 08:03:52

5 steps to a mobile strategy

A couple of years ago many companies developed an app for their business. The main reason? ‘We just want an app’. Those days have past. The critical mass is mobile and a decent mobile strategy will improve your results.


26-06-2013 07:09:52

6 Killer features for Android you should know

Since the launch of the first iPhone, the development of apps has seen an enormous growth. With over 700.000 apps in the app stores, many companies see serious business opportunities. We have seen teenagers turning into millionaires by developing awesome app concepts. Never has the American dream been that touchable, .. Right there on your Smartphone.


07-06-2013 05:11:32

6 tips for making your iPhone app suitable for iPad

Many people think that an iPad app is the iPhone app but bigger. Tapping the 2x button on the iPad?s interface will just do it. This will save on the development costs and keep the users satisfied. Right?


05-06-2013 06:13:41

Sharewire wins the "Zilveren Ooievaar" award and is announced entrepreneur of the year

Last Wednesday Sharewire won the “Zilveren Ooievaar” award in The Hague. The municipality awards the prize annually as a token of appreciation for entrepreneurs in the city.


03-06-2013 05:37:40

Responsive Design: The Pros and Cons

Responsive websites are sites which make use of simple bits of code called ?CSS media queries? which identify and then ?respond? to the browsing environment or device through which they are being viewed. In essence, this means that a single website (usually running off a single content management system, and serving the same content) can recognise the viewing environment and apply a defined set of styles to alter the layout and appearance.

At face value, this seems like an instant solution to the problem of having to design separate websites for multiple devices ? and it?s easy to see why. But is it a perfect solution?


24-04-2013 05:33:27

tHMA launch their first app

Thursday the 25th of April will be a big day for the students of the tHMA (The Hague Mobile Academy). They will present the app they have developed to the public. Since February this year they have been working on the app which is an assignment of the Municipality of The Hague city. The target audience of the mobile app is young people living in and around The Hague.


17-04-2013 08:16:59

Interview Pathé - The secret to the success of the Pathe mobile app

Dutch cinema chain Pathé recently reached a milestone when 1 million cinema tickets were sold via their mobile apps. What can we learn from the success of Pathé mobile? I asked Youry Bredewold, senior manager of marketing and communications at Pathé, a number of questions about last year?s success and how their mobile strategy will continue to develop in the future.


02-04-2013 11:26:41

Sharewire forecasts mobile success for RTL

The new version of the Buienradar app, the most popular weather forecast app in the Netherlands, is now available in the stores for iPhone and Android. RTL Netherlands contracted Sharewire to develop the new app, in consultation with existing users. The app has many new features including a home page that can be personalised.


29-03-2013 05:14:50

One million tickets sold via Pathé Mobile

More than 1 million cinema tickets where sold via Pathé’s mobile application. Pathé is the largest cinema chain of the Netherlands and since February 2011 it has been possible to buy cinema tickets with their app.


13-03-2013 05:44:03

Sharewire launches KPI Management & Advice

How successful is your mobile application? Does your management team have a clear picture of your mobile results? Sharewire is ‘Seriously Mobile’ and our clients regard mobile as a serious business opportunity. KPI Management & Advice provides our clients with the insights and knowledge to measure, validate and constantly improve their mobile strategy. Sharewire will help you define your objectives and KPI’s and will provide monthly progress reports and quarterly tailor-made advice. This way your organization makes the right decisions and knows how to constantly innovate. Get started with your KPI’s today! Please contact us for more information.


25-02-2013 06:32:54


The Ministry of Security and Justice in The Netherlands has launched their new app. The app is a compilation of news articles, answers to frequently asked questions and useful contact information. The app is aimed at anyone interested in the activities of the Ministry. The app is now free to download from the Apple and Android app stores and is suitable for both smartphones and tablets.


25-02-2013 06:26:13


On the 14th of January, Minco de Boer joined Sharewire as COO. He will focus on the further professionalization of the organization, financial management and the management of the full-service operation and the staff departments.


25-02-2013 06:12:26

Sharewire opens The Hague Mobile Academy

Last Monday, Sharewire and the Municipality of The Hague launched The Hague Mobile Academy. The Hague Mobile Academy foundation (tHMA) will provide 24 students and recent graduates from different disciplines with relevant experience in the in the field of mobile app development. The initiator Ivo Wentholt, CEO of Sharewire was yesterday interviewed by The Hague FM. Click here to listen to the audio fragment.


17-10-2012 08:44:31

Sharewire and The Hague launch the Hague Mobile Academy (tHMA)

?Adjust education to the demand of employers. What talent are companies looking for? A good example is the Hague Mobile Academy ” said Henk Kool, alderman of Social Affairs, Employment and the Economy, during the launch of the Mobile Academy The Hague on July 17th. Starting in January 2013, students and recent graduates can obtain an education that focuses on developing mobile applications.