Oxxio’s sales team are now equipped with a tablet. Their sales representatives for both the consumer and business market can now visit prospective customers, conduct presentations, make price comparisons and sign up customers from this device. Each order is shipped directly to the customer and sent to the order processing system.


Oxxio is a real prize fighter in the energy market. To make this as clear as possible, they want their customers to be able to see how much more competitive their prices are compared to their competitors. In the past sales representatives made their calculations using pen and paper. With all the different tariffs and providers that was a logt of work and not really accurate. Working with paper brochures and contract forms was very time consuming and costly.


The goal was to be able to show all presentations, make comparisons and sign up customers from the tablet. Sharewire recommended Oxxio use the Salesboard application, which was developed by Sharewire in house and consists of a background system where marketeers can add presentations, update price information and create contract forms. On top of this Salesboard gives an insight into the success rate of each conversation with a prospective customer. All the content that is created in the backend can be set to each tablet at the push of a button. This means that the tablets always have the latest information helping sales representatives clearly communicate the advantages of Oxxio over other energy providers.


The entire sales team at Oxxio is equipped with a tablet running the Salesboard application. This results in substantial cost savings on paper and an increase in conversion rates by 20%.

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