from A-Z

Our customers see mobile as more than just a marketing tool. For our customers, mobile is a new, serious business opportunity that can generate additional revenue, reduce costs, develop new products and optimise services. The mobile products that Sharewire develop and maintain are often business critical and require more than just the development of an app. The nature of our projects require a stable infrastructure, secure and optimized communication, a sound service level and extensive reports.

Sharewire has all the knowledge in house to realise projects from A to Z including: Strategy, Concept & Design, Frontend / Backend Development, Marketing and Quality Assurance Management.

That is what we do - we are Seriously Mobile.


A great app starts with a great idea. Eventually this idea needs to be realized quickly and efficiently. Choosing the right partner to develop your app is crucial to success.

“Seriously mobile” is Sharewire’s mantra and that is reflected in our interdisciplinary development team. We have the expertise to realise your goals on any mobile platform. A business critical mobile service is rarely standalone. When it comes to backend integration we have all the knowledge in house.

Our aim is to deliver a future-proof, scalable product that exceeds the expectations of you and your customers and delivers on our commitment to your strategy.