Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences started in 2014 with STUDIS. Within the educational program of Commercial Economics this app is used together with Salesboard as an interactive learning environmnet for roughly 1000 students. Students who download the STUDIS app, can see companies in the Amsterdam region that offer discounts on products and services.


With the help of Salesboard, students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences sell advertisement space in the STUDIS app to companies. By doing this, they gain relevant experience in the field of sales. Share contributed to the educational program and developed the STUDIS app.


The STUDIS app is developed for Android and iOS. The app offers companies the possibility to provide discounts to students in the Netherlands on products and services. When a student sold advertisement space to a company, they receive a welcome e-mail and instantly gain access to the CMS where they can create their advertisement space.


STUDIS is now used for the second year in a row. Students have almost signed a total number of 3000 companies to advertise in the app.

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