ANWB is publishes annually a survey of bicycle routes. Bicycle route networks consist of several numbered route nodes. Between each of these routes nodes are bidirectional signposted routes. Usually there is an information panel with the route node number and an overview of the bicycle route netwerk.


The ANWB has launched a new iPhone application, made by Sharewire. Fancy a bit of cycling? Simply attach your iPhone to your bicycle and start cycling! The App shows three ANWB bicycle routes with information and tips from along the way. It is also possible for the user to create bicycle routes along the way using the route nodes. Select the desired route node that you want to cycle past and the app will generate a new cycle route.

The user can save this route so that they can cycle it as many times as they want. There are two other ways to create a route. The user can indicate the start and end points and the application will generate the route. Another way is to set the desired route length and the application will make a suggestion. This means endless cycling possibilities!


The app uses Google Maps, where the user can zoom in and out, scroll around and view in satellite mode. There are several views, one of which contains a weather forecast.

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