is known as the largest and leading hotel booking website in the world. They have a strong focus on conversion, something that we can relate to here at Sharewire. Because of their strong focus on online conversion, have asked Sharewire to advise on and develop new and innovative features to improve the user experience on mobile.


In 2014 Sharewire proposed a number of innovative features that would increase brand loyalty, improve user experience and extend the time spend in the app. By extending the customer journey from only the moment when a hotel is booked, to also pre- and post booking, wants to become more relevant for the customer.


Sharewire first made an extensive customer journey map from which ideas where generated. After this, 3 SCRUM teams, over a period of 4 sprints Sharewire developed these ideas into 4 innovative features. Sharewire worked closely together with’s existing mobile team and designers in order to fully integrate the features in the existing app. Using extensive A/B tests, rolled out these new features in phases in specific regions.

RESULT sees an increase in conversion and loyalty with apps that have these new features implemented.

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