Loisirs Enchères

Loisirs Enchères is the French equivalent of the Dutch company VakantieVeilingen. The concept of holiday and leisure auctions in France is first introduced by Loisirs Enchères. Similar to Subasta de Ocio in Spain, Sharewire helped Loisirs Encheres setup and develop their mobile channel.


Started by former VakantieVeilingen founders, Loisirs Enchères is making big steps with their successful auction platform for holiday and leisure activities in France. Because Sharewire had successfully started and launched a action app in Spain, Loisirs Enchères contacted Sharewire for advice on and development of the mobile channel.


Sharewire designed and developed a native Android and iOS app on top of a complex auctioning system. We helped Loisirs Enchères making the webservices of this auctioning system more mobile friendly. You can browse, bid and pay for won auctions directly from the app. Now, a dedicated team of native developers is working on both apps, focused on increasing conversion and improving user experience.


Launched in the spring of 2015, we see a steady increase in active users and transactions each month. The mobile channel is not yet bigger than desktop, but we expect a tipping point halfway 2016.

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