Ministerie van Financiƫn

Each year on the 3rd Tuesday of September the budget is announced in The Netherlands. This is the budget for the upcoming year and is announced by The Ministry of Finance. In 2012 the budget was available for the first time on iPad and Android tablets.


The budget consists of a large umber of documents. The Ministry wanted to make this information, which is relevant to every citizen of The Netherlands more accessible. In addition, many Dutch people are not only interested in the budget, but the party that goes on around it. The hats, the golden coach and the throne speech are all important parts of the day.


The application is available on the iPad and Android tablets. It is a hybrid application which harnesses the power of web technologies and combines them with native components. The application consists of two parts that overlap, catering for each user’s tastes. One part contains the budget along with supporting material and info graphics and the other, the ‘fun’ section, contains photos, videos, and the route of the golden coach. Both areas are relevant to the user and contain information for the hat lover to the professional journalist.

The application was presented along with the paper version of the budget. As soon as the budget was announced, the information was available in the application.


Within days the application was downloaded more than 25,000 times. The application also helped save more than 10,000 kilograms of paper.

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