Complicated finances? Not at MoneYou. MoneYou is all about the user. MoneYou lets the user arrange all financial affairs themselves. This requires a user friendly mobile application. Sharewire has developed multiple applications for MoneYou. With these applications a user can easily save and invest.


MoneYou is an online bank. It was one of the first banks in The Netherlands where an account could be opened without the use of paper. The applications that Sharewire have developed for MoneYou make it possible to bank online using a mobile device. Users can save for specific goals. For each goal it is possible to open a specific bank account. The user can specify how much they wish to deposit in an account and can see how long it will take to reach their goal.

The investment application allows the user to make an investment quickly and easily. The user can decide how much they want to make and how much risk they are prepared to take.


The applications for MoneYou run off their existing backend systems. The user can easily take care of his banking affairs wherever and whenever they want. The applications are available for both the iPhone and iPad.

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