Tempo-team’s mobile house style was created by Sharewire. The challenge was to translate Tempo-team’s brand to a future proof mobile style ready to participate in a changing world.


Tempo-team is the recruitment organisation that shows resilience and flexibility. This had to be reflected in their mobile house style. Sharewire had already created the house style for Randstand, who is part of the same industry, but a different organisation. Together with Tempo-team Sharewire looked at their indentity and used this as a basis to create their mobile house style.


Sharewire took a detailed look into Tempo-team’s strategy. This strategy formed the basis for their mobile strategy. Tempo-team’s identity is reflected in the interaction and visual design. The result is a clean cut mobile site, which is to the point, just like Tempo-team.


At present the mobile sites from Tempo-team are being developed.

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