Vandebron Slim laden

With Vandebron Slim laden (Smart loading) you can quickly find a charging point, you decide what you see in the app, you get a complete overview of the information about your charging point and you have insight into your charging sessions and costs.

Vandebron is a brand new energy marketplace with a special goal: making the energy market fairer, more transparent and more sustainable. Since 2013 they ensure that you know exactly where your renewable energy comes from. For example, with a farmer around the corner. Also want good energy form Vandebron? Take a look at


  • Find and navigate to available charging points in your neighborhood or at your destination.
  • View an overview of the rates per charging point.
  • Set filters to find charging points that are suitable for your car. You can select on payload, type of plug and available charging points.
  • View an overview of your loading sessions and costs.
  • Contribute to the balancing of the net and earn money with Smart Loading.
  • Never pay too much for parking with Parkmobile.

The Vandebron apps are built with a mix of native iOS and Android code in combination with React Native.

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