VisionWaves provides software that gives insights into business processes and how to optimise them. Existing business data is hooked to their system, which gives an insight into key performance indicators that can be used to see where the organization can be improved.


VisionWaves has seen a growing demand for their software package on tablet devices. This will make it possible to manage an organisation on the basis of it’s results at any time. Here the tablet plays an important role.


Sharewire developed a visual design for VisionWaves. This style is applicable to both the desktop and mobile devices. It is a user centered design. It is simple for the user to quickly understand the relevant processes and actions. This speeds up the decision making process.

A set of visual blocks gives VisionWaves the possibility to gradually develop their product bit by bit, working towards the new style.


The result is an interaction design, visual design and technical advice. With these guidelines, VisionWaves can develop a future proof product.

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